Why James hardie color plus is the ultimate siding choice for homeowners.

Why James hardie color plus is the ultimate siding choice for homeowners.

Why James hardie color plus is the ultimate siding choice for homeowners.

Roofing companies near me The siding is a part of your home's exterior where you can express your style. Thus,it's color matters not only for the sake of appearance but also for durability. Aesthetics and durability are two reasons homeowners choose siding with James hardie color plus technology. In this blog post, let's explore why ColorPlus siding is one of the greatest investments you'll make for your home exterior. 

What is house siding? 

Before we dive deeper into ColorPlus siding, let's first understand the basics. Just like your roofing, your siding acts like an outer layer of armor for your home. It provides exterior walls with protective covering that keeps out humidity and extreme temperatures. The siding also gives your home a curb appeal, which is important if you plan to sell in the future. 

Commonly used siding materials include steel, engineered wood,and vinyl. Steel and engineered wood are popular for their durability, while vinyl requires meticulous installation to avoid damage. 

Stucco, stone,and brick siding are also great options,but they can be heavy on the budget,weather in terms of installation or maintenance. 

How to choose the best siding for your home. Now that you know what siding is, and the difference options available, learn how to choose the right siding for your home. Here's a handy checklist to get started. 

1.Look for durable siding. Low quality house siding can cause mold growth and foundational issues, so you need to consider the durability of the material. James hardie products, for one, are made of fiber Cement, a long lasting siding material. They are also backed with a 30 year warranty. 

2. Ease of maintenance. Maintenance is essential to keep your home in top shape. When it comes to siding, the level of maintenance needed depends on your chosen siding material. For instance, if you choose wooden siding, you must have it repainted every 3-5 years. On top of this, you must have it checked regularly against rotting and termite growth.

3. Consider your local weather. Your home's siding is your first line of defense against different weather conditions. So choose a material that won't quickly fade, or break down with the weather in your area. For instance, stucco sidings are great for warm-weather homes that don't experience much rainfall. This type of siding is fire resistant, and provides great insulation, and mimics the appeal of wooden exteriors. On the other hand, there not suitable for home's with high humidity. Fiber Cement would be a great alternative. 

4. Check if it complements your home exterior. Finally, make sure your chosen siding ties your whole exterior together. With a careful selection of siding material, style and color, you can achieve a timeless look for your home- one that gives your home both charactor and protects.

Why homeowners prefer James hardie siding products with ColorPlus technology. Home siding can only protect your home if you choose the right brand, and alot of homeowners, James hardie is your best bet, let's find out why:

1.Long lasting color.

You won't have to worry about cracking or fading with James hardie's ColorPlus boards. The vibrant hue of your siding will last for years. Its because it's color is not painted on; it gets baked into the surface using a multi step process. This guarantees strong adhesion between each coat. In addition, the ColorPlus boards also offer a wide range of expertly choosen colors to match your exteriors.

2. Uv Resistance. Unlike other siding options that quickly fade because of UV rays, ColorPlus Technology is designed to resist fading, so the colors remain vibrant no matter how much sun exposure they get. 

3. Eco-friendly. Most siding paints and finishes contain toxic volatile organic compounds(vocs), which are dangerous to humans and the environment. ColorPlus on the other hand, does not contain VOCs, ensuring you and the environment are safe from exposure. 

4. Low maintenance. James hardie siding comes pre primed and is easy to install. This eliminates the need for on site painting. Also you don't have to repaint it every few years. The ColorPlus Technology doesn't crack,so your siding still looks great for much longer then a manual paint job. ColorPlus also comes with a 15 year warranty for added peace of mind. 

Invest in top notch siding and trim products. Upgrading your exterior with James hardie products improves the appeal of your home and will give it greater value. If your ready for an upgrade, Josh Brooks construction and renovation has done team of siding contractors that can help you choose the best siding products to match your property. We also offer top notch siding installation and repair. Give your property a fresh and clean look.set an appointment for a free estimate of your siding needs. Siding companies near me  

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