Get Your Roof Back to Normal

Hire us for professional roof repair services in Longmont, CO

Did a storm tear up your roof? Has it been years since you've had any roofing work done? If your roof is starting to wear out or fall apart, reach out to Josh Brooks Construction and Renovation for roof repair services in Longmont, CO. We'll use professional-grade tools and the best products on the market to get your roof looking brand-new. We also can help with your insurance claims if your roof was damaged by a storm. Set up roof repair and roof replacement services with us today by calling 720-435-4976.

Signs of a damaged roof

When extreme weather assaults your property, your roof could be the first thing to end up damaged. You should call Josh Brooks Construction and Renovation for roof replacement services if you notice:

  • Water damage on your walls or ceiling
  • Curling or broken shingles on your roof
  • Your gutters suddenly clogging or leaking

Don't keep living with an outdated or damaged roof. Contact us immediately for roof replacement services. And ask about our rubber roof restoration services if you have a rubber roof you can't replace.